Wellington Women Lawyers  Association became an official incorporated society in July 1987.  Its stated objectives are:

> To work for equal opportunity and the advancement of women in the study and practice of law

> To work for the reform of the law and its administration, and for the advancement of social policy, in order to promote and protect the interests of women

> To promote the use of women’s skills in law

> To facilitate social contact amongst members

> To work for and promote the establishment of associations with similar objects throughout New Zealand

> To affiliate with and maintain connections with national and international associations with similar objects.

To see a full copy of the Rules of the Association, click here.


What do we do?

The way that this translates in practical terms is as follows:

Our membership stands at 117 and comprises practising lawyers, lawyers working in the public service in many capacities, judges, corporate and in-house lawyers and law students.  Legal executives and other women working in, or with an interest in or association to the law are welcome.

We aim to organise activities for members including dinners and seminars.

When political issues arise of interest or concern to our members or to women more generally, we make submissions (for example on Bills before Parliament), write letters etc.

We operate a mentoring programme which links more experienced women lawyers with less experienced lawyers as well as law students. We plan to review this scheme in the coming year.

We maintain contact with the Women in Law committee which is part of the Wellington branch of New Zealand Law Society, and other women lawyers’ groups throughout the country.

We liaise with women faculty members and women students at Victoria University. We also currently offer a scholarship to women law students.


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