Prof Ron Jones

Professor Ron Jones gave a fascinating presentation to an enthralled group of 70 people at DLA Piper on 5 July.  Prof Jones was one of 3 colleagues at National Women’s Hospital who wrote the 1984 paper that blew the lid on the ‘unfortunate experiment’.  Recent revisionist activities drove Prof Jones to write his book “Doctors in Denial: the forgotten women in the ‘unfortunate experiment'”.

Prof Jones held us spellbound as he explained the background to the unethical behaviour at National Women’s perpetrated by Associate Professor Herb Green, the failure by the head of department Professor Dennis Bonham and other senior hospital staff to halt the experiment, and the tragic outcomes for many women.  Prof Jones also spoke about the Cartwright Enquiry and the aftermath.  Several participants in the enquiry were present and added their views.  All royalties from the sale of Prof Jones’ book will be donated to gynaecological cancer care and research.


Convenor Steph Dyhrberg

Cartwright Enquiry alumni: L to R Chris Hodson QC, Professor Charlotte Paul, Professor Ron Jones, Dame Lowell Goddard QC, Hugh Rennie QC



Story and photos by Josie McNaught

It’s said that a week is a long time in politics. As Chapman Tripp’s boardroom filled up fast, the talk was all about Jacinda (no last name needed, like Cher or Madonna).  Perfect timing for our women politicians panel event.

Our panellists for the evening were in great form. TOP candidate and “boring tax expert” Dr Jenny Condie, Wellington Central National candidate Nicola Willis, Green MP Jan Logie and long-time Labour MP Ruth Dyson did not disappoint with their frank and sometimes fiery answers to some tough questions.

Our MC (Madam in Charge), political journo turned lawyer Linda Clark reminded us that in the twinkling of an eye, an MP can find themselves “without an office, without a seat, without a party (and in Churchill’s case without an appendix too).”

Linda’s no nonsense approach, steely voice of command and charming wit kept the questions, answers and the laughs coming, and the politicians on message.

Madam in Charge Linda Clark

That message came through loud and clear from the audience and the panel: We are women – hear us roar!

Topics ranged over equal pay, flexible, family friendly working conditions, access to housing, healthcare, social welfare and abortion. The mood of the audience was plain: we want sensible solutions to the problems of social injustice, not ones that only favour big business or the wealthy. We are intensely concerned about the environment and demand more than lip service paid to cleaning up our waterways. And we don’t think our wombs are anyone else’s business.

Jan Logie telling it like it is;                                   Dr Jenny Condie and Nicky Willis

Women lawyers are engaged, informed and ready to fight for the causes they are passionate about.

One of the features of the night was the age range of the audience. Who said under 30s are apathetic when it comes to politics? The large number of younger women present and debating the issues at the end of the evening put paid to that myth.

WWLA convenor Steph Dyhrberg and Committee member Grace Bennett organised a most memorable evening and our thanks go to Chapman Tripp for the generous hosting.


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